Welcome to Kyrios Coffee!

At Kyrios, we offer exclusive, wild-grown Arabica coffees from the worlds untouched rain forests and biosphere reserves.  They're 100% organic, never planted, great tasting, and supplied to us by hard-working people in the most remote and natural coffee growing environments in the world.

Here's what makes Kyrios Coffee different and better for you:

 1. It's 100% organic coffee.  No pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides are used.
Did you know?  When you drive through your favorite coffee chain, you cannot order an organic cup of coffee.  

It's 100% wild-grown in the worlds rainforests and biosphere habitats, regenerating just once each year.

Did you know?  Kyrios Coffee is today the exclusive retail supplier of this coffee in North America.

It's good for the local farming community, good for the farmers who toil the rain forests as a living, and incredibly good for the rain forests themselves since no synthetic products are ever introduced to the annual ecological cycle of the coffee crop.

Did you know?  Most coffee companies do not engage in Free Trade practices where farmers are paid in their own country as if they were being paid in American dollars.

It's roasted to order and typically sent out the same day or next day.  And we roast and mail out only beans, not ground coffee.   Why?  See our blog for more information on this.

Did you know?  The average bag of ground coffee sits on a store shelf for 2-6 weeks after the roasting process. Yuck!

Try Kyrios Coffee for yourself today!  We're 100% confident you will taste and feel a difference.