Evee's Story

Catie unexpectedly lost her 6 month old daughter in March of 2019. Evee’s cause of death was found to be undetermined. Like any mourning parent would do, Catie pushed for more answers and was instead, retaliated against. The medical examiner who completed Evee’s autopsy broke HIPPA laws and shared info with an NBC journalist who wrote a hit article telling readers that Catie caused Evee’s death (even though the autopsy states Evee’s death was undetermined). Since then, Evee’s story has been shared worldwide and Catie has been bombarded with death threats and hate mail. To this day, Catie continues to recieve threatening and cruel messages based on the intentional misinformation in the initial article and the many following.

Catie should have had the right to push for more answers regarding the cause of her daughter’s death and been able to grieve in peace. 

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All bags of coffee are discounted at $11.00 per bag to help with this effort.  And 30% of the proceeds from all orders will given back toward Evee's cause.

Order coffee here.  Use Discount Code 'justice4evee' within the shopping cart and select 'Drop Shipping for Evee' as the shipping option.  All orders will be delivered to a central location for pick-up or distribution, and we will send a confirmation about this.

**if you’re interested in learning more about Evee’s story, visit http://www.justiceforevee.org. If you’d like to make a direct donation to the cause, https://www.givesendgo.com/nbclawsuit?fbclid=IwAR0ffIaIv2ZSWpRT_G1KieK_Bu6-hl8iLcAmpazoH_344cwOtLMnPwnTfE8, OR Venmo @EveesFund (no feed), send cash/check to Justice for Evee PO Box 545 Howard Lake, MN 55349