What you're paying to drink your Starbucks every day


$1.50 for a tall (12oz) cup of black coffee.  (If you are ordering lattes and mocha's every day, read no further because major depression is ahead).  That's $7.50 for a typical 5-day work week, assuming no visits on the weekend.  I know of someone (who is now a customer of ours) who spent $3.79 on a large mocha, 5 days each week.  That's $18.95/week, roughly $76.00/month, approximately $910.00/year on a drink that really isn't even good for you.  What could you do with $910.00 extra each year?

Cost per ounce:  .13 cents


  • You don't have to make it yourself.


  • Inconvenience of going somewhere to get your coffee.
  • No idea when the coffee was roasted.
  • 3x as expensive as making your own Kyrios Coffee at home (see below)
  • Will never be an organic cup of coffee - could have come from Latin America, Indonesia, wherever they can find it cheaper.

Kyrios Coffee

You are able to get 24 fresh-brewed 12oz cups from one package of Kyrios coffee.  That translates to .50 for each 12oz cup of coffee.

Cost per ounce:  .04 cents


  • You can have confidence that your coffee is fresh-roasted, many times packaged up and mailed to you still warm!
  • You are assured of the highest quality coffee--100% organic, wild coffee from the KAFFA rain forest in Ethiopia.  Btw...Ethiopia bans all forms of pesticides, insecticides, and even use of fertilizers in the rain forest.


  • You have to make it yourself...but come on, who doesn't like making and smelling fresh-brewed coffee around the house  : )

Enjoy and blessings to each of you!


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